Illinois Parking Excise Tax –  (Regulations - 86 Ill. Admin. Code Part 195 / Statutory - 35 ILCS 525/10-1 et seq.) Effective January 1, 2020, operators of parking areas, spaces, and garages will be required to collect and remit the Parking Excise Tax based on the purchase price paid by the purchaser to park in a parking area, space or garage.  The Parking Excise Tax is imposed at a 9% rate of the purchase price for a parking space paid for on a monthly or annual basis.   "Parking area or garage" is defined as any real estate, building, structure, premises, enclosure or other place, whether enclosed or not, except a public way, within the State:  where motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, or other self-propelled vehicles, are stored, housed or parked for hire, charge, fee or other valuable consideration in a condition ready for use… ...

January 16th, 2020



WHY USE SELF STORAGE? Homes often do not have the storage space to hold large items. For instance, if you have seasonal items, canoes or vintage cars, you may not have room for them in your garage or driveway. A self-storage unit could give you a place to store such items that provides protection from the weather and some added security. If your garage or basement has slowly filled with things like your exercise equipment and camping supplies, a self-storage unit may be a perfect solution to reclaim the space while keeping your prized items safe and out of your way. Whatever your storage needs may be, Apple Self-Storage is sure to have the unit perfectly sized and with the amenities you want and need. Contact us today by clicking the below link or calling 847-526-0505. ...

December 4th, 2019



Fall cleaning is just as important as spring cleaning projects.  Just like during the spring, the fall is a great time for reorganizing & cleaning your home!  It’s time to store away the summer clothes, lawn mowers and patio furniture. When you start your project have a goal in mind and checklist of your tasks that you need to complete. Don’t let the cleaning list become daunting. It is much more important to take your time to do the project properly.  If your home doesn’t have the space for storing these items, then consider renting a self-storage unit from Apple Self-Storage conveniently located in Wauconda, Illinois.  We offer high quality storage solutions, both ground floor and upstairs storage units, and if you're concerned about weather-related damages, our temperature-controlled storage units are a great solution for you. Whatever your storage needs may be, Apple Self-Storage is sure we have a unit that is perfectly sized for you and has the amenities you want and need.  Call us today 847-526-0505! ...

October 8th, 2019

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